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Project Delivery Methods

Construction delivery methods are varied depending on the client, type of project or desired approach needed by the project team. DeAngelis Diamond is experienced in many types of contracting methods. Whether it is Design/Build for an owner that desires a single point of contact on a turnkey delivery or Construction Management with a Guaranteed Maximum Price in order to meet the criteria of the lending institution, we can offer different approaches to meet the project needs.

Lean Principles

Lean is a principle based on continuous improvement through innovation, planning work for the next trade, craft or designer and respect for others. LEAN promotes a culture of collaboration and fosters lasting relationships. With this process, we have been able to eliminate punch lists and warranty calls, an important factor when completing a project.


Advances in technology provide benefits to project team members by enlarging the boundaries of the construction site and making workflow more efficient. Software advances are bringing project participants together in real time to resolve issues and communicate more efficiently, raising the level of coordination to new heights. Other advances, such as application of Building Information Modeling (BIM), have allowed traditional site construction processes to gravitate toward the factory floor as manufactured components, reducing impacts to the critical path and improving overall schedules.


A successful project requires teamwork among the owner, consultants and subcontractors, from the earliest stages. DeAngelis Diamond has a prequalification process to determine if companies possess the necessary experience, financial resources and commitment to safety and quality to ensure exceptional performance on our projects. By partnering with only the most qualified companies, DD can ensure we deliver a high level of service to each of our clients.

Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery represents a way of contracting that facilitates collaboration among the team members in such a way that everyone has a common stake in the project goals. Since all participants, designers, general contractor and subcontractors, work from the same profit pool, innovation and collaboration are firmly aligned to meet the project objectives as a team. DD has seen this method of delivery yield a reduction in waste, increase in coordination and shortening of overall project duration from conception to final turnover.

Sustainability (LEED)

DeAngelis Diamond is committed to partnering with our clients to meet their goals of environmental stewardship and social responsibility.